Modding to 15th Prestige in Black Ops

Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Black Ops is a fantastic multiplayer survival based game that features a vast variety of scenarios that keep you at the edge of your seat. With impressive graphics and realistic scenarios and enemies to fight off, it’s a game that should be tried at least once irrespective of whether you are an avid player or not. Players are able to avail of the Prestige Mode after they have completed the highest rank which is 50. The Black Ops – 15th Prestige is the highest Prestige level that can be achieved by a single player.

15th Prestige

AT the Black Ops – 15th Prestige level, players have the ability to preserve their game modes, backgrounds and emblems. They player also has access to a variety of brand new classes that can be customized and a wide range of brand new, state of the art player card images. They also have access to more challenges that are a definite bonus. Originally, players were able to attain access to a number of lobbies that are available in the playlist (Prestige). This feature has been removed as very few players used this access. It is important to mention that players have the custom classes available to them on the Wii version by the 5th Prestige.
The Call of Duty: Black Ops features Call of duty points that act as currency and can be used to purchase contracts, camouflage, weapons, perks and customizations for the players’ character. At the Black Ops – 15th Prestige, the players Call of Duty Points is reset to zero before entering the Prestige mode. If there are any Call of Duty points made available to the player, backgrounds and emblems should be bought as they remain with the player throughout the Prestige mode. In simpler terms, the Pro perks will be reset, the entire set of weapons is unlocked and all the challenges are competed. The Prestige mode shares a lot of similarities with the Modern Warfare 2 Veteran challenges, though the Lifetime challenges do not get reset once the decision is made to begin your prestige quest.
As mentioned before, the Black Ops – 15th Prestige is the highest level in the Prestige mode. Before entering the Prestige mode, they player is reminded that all the accomplishments are in fact traded for a bit of prestige. Players would have access to new challenges, emblems as well as titles though at the price of all your achieved accomplishments. Other players will be able to view your name and prestige rank on the leader boards, in the lobby and also within the game. The warnings remind players that in order to increase rank, the player will have to reacquire all challenges, weapons and experience. The only things that remain the same would be the players overall rankings, playlists, emblems and titles. Once the player chooses to enter the Prestige mode, the decision is final and absolute. There is no option to reset or go back. Though if the player chooses to cancel without entering the Prestige mode, he is treated to the sounds of a chicken clucking, a final taunt. 

If you'd like to mod your 15th Prestige Lobby, you can do it easily by downloading the Black Ops Mods and then modifying your files according to the tutorials on the site. The mods are available and can be used for all 3 platforms which are PS3, Xbox and PC. With these, you can set the amount of XP per kill or get instant gold weapons by customizing the mod settings. Enjoy!